Does T.I Have A Baby On The Way?

89*This is just rumor for now. This has not been confirmed as of yet.*

The drama is on the scene! It is being rumored that T.I. is expecting a baby and NOT by his wife, Tiny.

Here is what the sources are saying:

“Tiny got wind of the pregnancy and is NOT top happy about it. But she continues to save face for the camera.

We are hearing that TIP offered the woman a million to have an abortion but the woman refused, AND Tiny has been begging her to keep mum and to have an abortion.”

Apparently the woman who is preggos is someone who works for T.I. and a close friend of the family. The Drama on the scene!!!! Take a look at the pic below. It is being said that it’s Ms. Hanna Kang the GM of Grand Hustle! Can ya’ll say OH WOW!!!!!

Do you believe this? Have you heard any drama and want us to post it? Feel free to email us at with the drama! If you can back it up, we may post it on the site.

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